Fresh faces - who dis? Meet your new directors of Mr Mist

From the directors, MR MIST -

Fresh faces - who dis? Meet your new directors of Mr Mist


Adam (Founder) gave us Mr Mist...

What an absolute whirlwind!

As you may have seen from recent blogs, Adam decided to give away Mr Mist - and he wasn't lying! Taylah and I (Darian) have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to take on Mr Mist as our new baby and to take it to it's full potential and beyond. How exciting!


How on EARTH did we score this?

Well... I'd like to say that I know exactly why, but the truth is, I actually have no idea! I have known Adam for a few years now. We were housemates for a short period of time, and we've both witnessed a lot of each other's ups and downs. Knowing Adam, he definitely wouldn't have made this decision lightly. He must have seen something in us, he is notorious for having a strong gut instinct and for being a fantastic judge of character. For Taylah and I, it's a mixture of 'it's not what you know, but who you know', extreme luck, and 'being in the right place at the right time'. We are also extremely fortunate to have been ready when the opportunity came along. We have both had our feet in the corporate world, the creative world and the world of entrepreneurship. I left my full-time job last year to work on my own business, so have lots of time and expertise to bring to Mr Mist. Taylah is an absolute creative genius, so together, we are the perfect fit. We've also been best friends for about ten years now, and owning a business together is something we've been dreaming of since we were teenagers. Corny right?


Plan from here:
We are super excited to get to know you all and get the business rolling again. We will be finalising the rest of the transfer of business over the next week, so for now, the shop is on hold, but we'll be open again soon. We'll keep you updated on our socials, but of course if you'd like to say hi, feel free to reach out 

Thanks again Adam for everything, you have genuinely created an absolute masterpiece! It's going to be an incredible year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Adam and Mr Mist so far, we hope you'll love us too and continue to love Mr Mist for years to come.

Signing out,
Darian and Tay xx