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About Mr Mist

Mr Mist was born from a simple idea, and blossomed into the freshest of the best beauty products on the market. How on Earth did Adam start it all? He found an unsolved problem, and thus, he found a niche...

The problem:

Well... There are many!

Firstly, there are very few mist sprays created with substantial ingredients. Those that do exist are lost amongst a range of products, an after thought at best. No company 'specialises' in mists, especially not in a high quality, affordable and entertaining way. Mr Mist could fill this gap. BOOM!

Secondly, the beauty industry is dominated with feminine products, thus men are alienated because of the branding and messaging. There is an undisclosed negative stigma around men looking after their face, skin and hair (why tho??), and we hope to break that stigma by providing a simple product that has multiple uses. 

Lastly, smoke and mirrors are used by some brands promoting face mists, from colouring additives to make rose water pink - to using chemicals not meant for the face. Did you know that rose water shouldn't be pink? 

The solution:

Create a simple but super face mist. Pack it with ingredients that make the face feel and look amazing. Keeping men in mind whilst serving the women who regularly buy and use inferior face mists.

The product:

MR MIST is handmade in Sydney, Australia. The super ingredients of each blend have been chosen for a specific purpose. MR MIST combines the power of hydration and toning to create a truly special beauty product.

Mission statement:

To make you feel fresh as f*** anytime of day or night.


The Directors:

Taylah and I took over Mr Mist in late January 2020 when Adam decided that the business was best left in others hands. We saw the opportunity and we JUMPED. There was absolutely no way we were missing out on this one. Taylah, the absolute creative mastermind, and myself a business and customer service genius, had been wanting to join forces since we were teens. Cliche AF right... but holy heccity there was a reason for it! After all the handover stuff was complete and we did some planning and goal setting, we relaunched the business on Saturday, Feb 1st 2020. A fresh start for Mr Mist. A new beginning for us as friends and business owners. 

Co-directors - Darian Lenton (left) and Taylah Schiavone (right)

Our location:

The office and lab is based in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney, NSW Australia.

Our process:

We work tirelessly perfecting our blends of face mist. This means we are always 100% certain and satisfied with each blend of MR MIST on sale to the public. We make each bottle to order (never in batches more than 5 bottles at a time) and ship it directly do your door.

We quality control by using laboratory grade instruments to produce each 100ml glass bottle of MR MIST.

Our ingredients are all sourced locally in Sydney, and never outside of Australia.