In the second part of a small series highlighting the benefits of using face mist sprays, let's take a look at another two key super ingredients contained in MR MIST blends, which help to clean and clear your face and its pores. Olive Leaf Found in TYPE:12 and ROSE SISTER, olive leaf extract Olive Leaf cleans out clogged pores, soaks up any excess oils and helps rid the surface of breakouts by removing any bad bacteria from the surface or below. Aloe Vera Found in TYPE:12, ROSE SISTER and SNACC, aloe vera is natures best solution for inflamed and damaged skin. It soothes the...

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MR MIST hydrating + toning face mist spray is packed with so many benefits, it's hard to convey just how good it is for your skin. Refreshing, repairing, firming and cleansing qualities all aside - each blend of MR MIST does a very good job when it comes to giving makeup a renewed freshness whenever required. We all know the scenario; On the go between engagements, and after a day of running around - the makeup from this morning is looking a little bit tired. Face mist is perfect to give makeup a renewed look of freshness. You can get tricky with it too...

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