We have made Improvements to our shipping process.


We have made Improvements to our shipping process.

Included in your purchase of any MR MIST product is free shipping.

Our advisors have called us "foolish" for not charging you good folks shipping on top of the cost of a MR MIST. We know how disappointing it can be when you get to the checkout to see another $8 - $10 - $12 added to your purchase for postage.

With this in mind we decided to offer free delivery Australia wide.

To do this, we have been using Australia Post and their Parcel Post service. 

In recent weeks, it has become clear that not only are they the most expensive (not your worry) but they also take far too long to get you your purchase. This is a problem. Again, who wants to wait forever (5-6 days) for a purchase to arrive. It's 2019!

Long, and probably boring, story short - we have partnered with Sendle to get your MR MIST on its way and in your hands in super quick time. We even save a bit of money too - so that's good. 

Sendle uses a network of respected and established courier companies to make sure you get your package quickest and safest. Most Sydney deliveries are made the next day - and we have even had incoming parcels from Melbourne arrive the next day.

This means we are cutting your wait time from 4-6 days to just 2-3 days in most cases.

Yep, we know. We're amazing.