Face mist to revive your makeup.


Face mist to revive your makeup.

MR MIST hydrating + toning face mist spray is packed with so many benefits, it's hard to convey just how good it is for your skin.

Refreshing, repairing, firming and cleansing qualities all aside - each blend of MR MIST does a very good job when it comes to giving makeup a renewed freshness whenever required.

We all know the scenario; On the go between engagements, and after a day of running around - the makeup from this morning is looking a little bit tired.

Face mist is perfect to give makeup a renewed look of freshness. You can get tricky with it too if you want to re-blend or conceal. Spray it a little closer to you face, giving thicker surface coverage - using your fingertips to re-work the makeup as desired.

Or, just spray and get on with what's next! The skin nourishing super ingredients will do the hard work for you.

Bio hemp is a MR MIST super ingredient found in all of our blends. This ingredient alone is packed with natural Omega oils - helping to make tired skin feel plump and refreshed.

Reviving makeup. Just one of the many benefits of using a face mist.